Pentax SMC M 50mm f/1.7 + SMC M 150mm f/4 K Mount

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Condition Grade: Good

Grade Good
Appearance Please refer photo.
150mm Lens : Top of the lens barrel has distortion.
optics Lens Condition

"50mm Lens"
Internal dust : Few, It will no affect.

Fungus : None.

Haze : None.

Scratches : None.

Balsam separation : None.

"150mm Lens"
Internal dust : Few, It will no affect.

Scratches : None.

Balsam separation : None.

Fungus : Visible with strong lights, It will no affect.
Inside, One points.

Haze : Visible with strong lights, It will little affect.
Inside, Outer periphery.
Function There are no functional problems.
Serial No. 50/1.7 Lens : 2736190, 150/4 Lens : 5154067
Made in Japan
Includes Front cap x2,Rear cap x2,Lens hood

Condition Grade

Brand New Never Used, Never Opened.
Never Used Never Used, but opened the box.
Mint Second hand, but almost brand new.
Near Mint Second hand, few sings of used.
Excellent Some signs of used, good condition.
Very Good Some sings of used, standard condition.
Good Well used, many sings of used.
Poor Can be used, but has minor defect.
As-Is Has something trouble.

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Carrier FedEX International Priority
Shipping Days Usually 1-3 business days in the shortest. It may be delayed depends on country, region and seasons.
Declaration of Price We declare content price as same as selling price. We can not declare lower price.
Attention Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price of shipping charges.

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    If the item is not described properly, please contact within 30 days.

  2. We can't accept the return by reason of "Doesn't fit".
    If you don't know the compatibility to your equipment, please ask us before purchase.

  3. We don't guarantee the operation by using a mount adapter.

  4. If you return a product,I will refund a product price,shipping cost.
    We can not bear the import duty and any other charges. Please consent it before you bid/buy.

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It is also displayed and sold at the same time in stores and on other sites, and even if it is "in stock" on the site, it may have already been sold. We would ask that you please be forewarned.

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